Simple is Best

While most persons can appreciate a well-designed array of colors, simple is the newest and most popular aesthetic. From fashion to home decor, we are seeing a shift in design that takes it back to the basics. When it comes to home decor, varying hues of whites, blacks, and greys that come together to form an aesthetically pleasing room, office, workspace, or even business. Fashion is shifting also and this can be seen all the way down to fashion jewelry. Consumers now look for simple pieces they can wear every day that complements more outfits in their wardrobe. Multiple seemingly basic necklaces of varying lengths are often worn together to create a "layered effect". You can definitely see this being worn by your favorite celebrity, blogger, or influencer. Is this another trend we can thank millennials for? In some cases, this aesthetic is very cost effective due to only needing to add a few accents pieces or pops of color. Whatever the motivation behind this trend, don't be afraid to switch things up and incorporate this style into your home aesthetic or personal style.





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